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N E W S L E T T E R - February 2016

New Email Discussion List for Members


ISSOTL has a new email discussion list for members to share CFPs, job announcements, and questions. This discussion list replaces the discontinued listserv that Eastern Michigan University hosted for the Society. Thank you to our members at EMU who made that previous listserv possible for so many years.

Current members were automatically subscribed to the new discussion list, and list membership will be updated monthly. To send a message to the list, email Only ISSOTL members can post. Your welcome message includes information about changing your list settings (e.g., setting the list to digest, etc.).

The ISSOTL Communications Committee has been working for the past 18 months to improve communication opportunities and tools across the Society. Since Interest Group membership is a benefit of ISSOTL membership, the Committee also is in the process of launching discussion lists to support communication within SIGS – and to ensure that all ISSOTL members who have joined a SIG through the ISSOTL membership process have opportunities to participate in that SIG’s activities. We will complete the roll out of these new discussion lists this week.

Questions? Contact Jessie L. Moore, Communications Committee Chair, at



New Leadership and New Directions for Student Engagement SIG

The New Year marks some large changes for the Special Interest Group on Student Engagement (SIGSE). This year, the objective of the group is to find new ways to empower students in research and increase student ownership. The present leadership of the group exemplifies this; the SIG is chaired by Sam Dvorakova, an undergraduate student, and supported by two co-chairs, Miriam Carey and Paul Taylor, both respected faculty in the field. Through the new leadership, we have become one of the first groups in ISSOTL to not only include students in our midst, but to support students in taking executive positions and shaping the group.

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  Write for ISSOTL's Blog  

Potential posts to the blog can cover a range of topics, including but not limited to:

  • Society news from a board member, committee, or special interest group;

  • syntheses of recent SoTL research;

  • previews of recently published Teaching & Learning Inquiry articles;

  • showcases of SoTL research initiatives;

  • updates on SoTL innovations in international regions; and

  • introductions to SoTL resources that are relevant to ISSOTL members.

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  ISSOTL Job Posting Forum  

ISSOTL maintains a Job Posting forum for members. Current members may post job ads from their institution by logging in, visiting the Job Posting forum, and clicking "New Topic."

If you are not a member of ISSOTL and would like to post a job ad on the forum, please email the job ad to the Communications Committee Chair, Jessie L. Moore.

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