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N E W S L E T T E R - March 2016

ISSOTL 2016 Call for Papers

Los Angeles, CA … Hollywood … Storytelling Capital.

During the 2016 ISSOTL conference (October 12-15), we will consider stories of teaching and learning and stories of the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL). What are the stories we tell about and with SoTL? The stories told about and with its methods, its impact on teaching and learning at our institutions and beyond, and its collaborative structures? What are the various plots, settings, themes, characters, conflicts, and metaphors? How does SoTL storytelling affect the stories we tell about our professional lives – as educators, as researchers or scholars, as human beings?  Who is telling these stories, and to whom – and who is listening? How can we craft SoTL stories to pursue larger goals? What are effective storytelling tools? How do we and our students use stories in our teaching and learning and how do we assess their effectiveness?

To tell and explore SoTL stories, we invite contributions under these topics/tracks:

  • Effective Teaching
  • Student Learning
  • Public Discourse about Teaching and Learning
  • Narrative of Course Design
  • Learning to Tell Stories
  • Student Stories
  • International Stories

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ISSOTL 2016 Themes

Report from the ISSOTL Publications Advisory Committee

The last few months have seen the fruition of two years of planning, extensive member input, and much discussion, culminating in the launch of Teaching & Learning Inquiry (TLI) in its new Open Access format and new home at the University of Calgary.

With the help of editors Nancy Chick and Gary Poole, editorial manager Kim Grant, Dan Bernstein (on behalf of the ISSOTL Board) and Margy MacMillan as co-chairs of the transition committee, Michael Regoli at Indiana University Press, and Kathryn Ranjit at the University of Calgary, the transition has gone fairly smoothly.  All articles from volumes 1-3 are now freely available at . We’ve been steadily adding enhancements such as the ability to comment and buttons for citing items, enlarging the text, and emailing and sharing articles on social media.

Speaking of social media, you can follow the journal on Twitter @TLI_ISSOTL and Like it on Facebook (“Teaching & Learning Inquiry” or Since the beginning of February, we’ve been tweeting an article a day. Feel free to share these posts and tweets and help spread the word. You can also sign up for email alerts about new issues so you’ll never miss one.

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TLI Cover
  Write for ISSOTL's Blog  

Potential posts to the blog can cover a range of topics, including but not limited to:

  • Society news from a board member, committee, or special interest group;

  • syntheses of recent SoTL research;

  • previews of recently published Teaching & Learning Inquiry articles;

  • showcases of SoTL research initiatives;

  • updates on SoTL innovations in international regions; and

  • introductions to SoTL resources that are relevant to ISSOTL members.

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  ISSOTL Job Posting Forum  

ISSOTL maintains a Job Posting forum for members. Current members may post job ads from their institution by logging in, visiting the Job Posting forum, and clicking "New Topic."

If you are not a member of ISSOTL and would like to post a job ad on the forum, please email the job ad to the Communications Committee Chair, Jessie L. Moore.

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