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Welcome to ISSoTL

The International Society for the Scholarship of Teaching & Learning (ISSOTL) serves faculty members, staff, and students who care about teaching and learning as serious intellectual work. The goal of the Society is to foster inquiry and disseminate findings about what improves and articulates post-secondary learning and teaching.

ISSOTL hosts an annual conference and publishes Teaching & Learning Inquiry.

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Welcome from the President and Board of ISSOTL

2017 promises to be a significant year for ISSOTL.

  • Conference: In October, we will gather in Calgary for an annual conference that promises we will be “reaching new heights” in our individual and collective work. Throughout the year, we will be planning for our 2018 conference in Bergen, Norway – more on that later.
  • Journal: Teaching & Learning Inquiry is flourishing in its new Open Access format. The journal is receiving impressive web traffic, both in quantity of visitors/downloads and in its reach to readers across the globe. With this transition behind it, in 2017 Teaching & Learning Inquiry will be searching for a new co-editor to fill the (large) shoes of Gary Poole, one of the two founding co-editors, who will be retiring.

Students as Partners: Surprised at ISSOTL17

ISSOTL as a whole is remarkably welcoming of students, student voice, and student participation. This is particularly palpable at the annual conference, with student welcome events, student presentation and poster awards, and presentations about and for students. It was at ISSOTL16, my first international conference, that I first became aware of the concept of ‘Students as Partners’, along with a range of other new-to-me SoTL terms.

ISSOTL Seeks Part-Time Communications Coordinator

ISSOTL seeks a person to be responsible for expansion, update, maintenance, and promotion of the Society's website. operates on Drupal and serves as an access point for a wide range of information about the Society, its resources, its activities, and its communication portals (a journal, conferences, and interactive and social media).

Making New Connections: Librarians Meetup at ISSOTL 2017

If one theme stood out during the 2017 conference, is was the idea of “community.” However you identify with SoTL, the discipline’s mission and philosophy encourages community interaction, collaboration, and the exchanging of ideas.  This blog post is an account and reflection on how a group of  librarians found their community during the 2017 conference.

The Status of SoTL in Sociology: Background, Support, Involvement, and Characteristics

by Kathleen McKinney, Professor of Sociology and Cross Endowed Chair in the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, Emeritus, Illinois State University

This post is part of a series of posts on this blog about the status of SoTL in various disciplines. My focus is on the discipline of sociology and, primarily, in the United States. I briefly summarize a sampling of what we know about the background of as well as recent disciplinary support for, involvement in, and characteristics of SoTL in sociology. I leave it to others to post additional information on the status of SoTL in sociology in the U.S. and especially in other nations.

Notification of Bylaws Updates

Over the past few months, the Board has approved several changes to the Society’s Bylaws. These changes are intended to fix oversights (e.g., the absence of the Students and SoTL Committee from the bylaws) and to clarify and update processes and descriptions (e.g., a change to our membership year and resident agent). 

2017 Emerging Scholars

ISSOTL’s goal is to “foster inquiry and disseminate findings about what improves and articulates post-secondary learning and teaching.” To support this goal, ISSOTL recognizes the importance of engaging emerging scholars who are interested in the scholarship of teaching and learning.

Nancy Chick honored with 2017 Distinguished Service Award

Each year, the ISSOTL Board organizes a public call for nominations for the Distinguished Service Award. This award is designed to recognize ISSOTL members who have served both ISSOTL and the broader field of the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning in distinguished ways for a significant period of time. 

The formal criteria for the award include:

•  Having a widely acknowledged reputation in the field of SoTL

"Video Booth" at ISSOTL 2017

Building on the ISSOTL 2013 videos produced by the Center for Engaged Learning at Elon University for ISSOTL Online 2013, an online conference held in conjunction with the ISSOTL 2013 conference in Raleigh, North Carolina, the ISSOTL Communications Committee is piloting several video initiatives at ISSOTL 2017.


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