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ISSoTL Committees

Advocacy and Outreach Committee

The Advocacy and Outreach Committee fosters discussion within ISSoTL – as an organization but also among members – about the relevance of SoTL for policy debates within and outside of the academy, engaging in such discussions through the organization’s website, listserv, special interest groups, and conferences. It also provides guidelines and models to help ISSoTL members share research-based insights on teaching and learning with audiences within and outside of the academy, including the media and policy makers.

Budget and Finances Committee

The Budget and Finances Committee serves as an advisory committee for the Board and for the standing committees that incur substantial expenses and/or take in significant revenue. The Committee prepares a budget for each fiscal year (1 July to 30 June) and submits it to the Board by May 1 of each year. The Budget and Finances Committee will also regularly monitor and supervise the flow of revenue into the Society’s accounts and the disbursement of funds to cover expenses. 

Communications Committee

The Communications Committee is responsible for developing and maintaining effective communication with and among Society members. The committee contributes to and monitors the website, blog, and social media pages as primary means of communication with current and potential members. The committee, in collaboration with the Publications Advisory Committee and the Advocacy and Outreach Committee devises and creates materials to represent the organization to public audiences. The Committee recruits, selects, and supervises the work of the Communications Coordinator, including the support of online interactivity and communication among special interest groups and other communities of practice within the Society.

Conferences and Convenings Committee

The Conferences and Convenings Committee oversees the annual conference and other convenings for members of the Society. The committee sets the theme for the conference and plans the program of the conference. The committee identifies an appropriate mix of locations for the annual conference that reflects both the distribution of members and the international scope of the Society. Once the location is identified, the committee recruits and vets local hosts for those meetings who can collaborate with the committee in the details of the event. The call for proposals, the financial planning, the program selection, and the collection and distribution of revenue will be handled by sub-committees appointed and supervised by the Conferences and Convenings Committee. 

Leadership and Elections Committee

The Leadership and Elections Committee identifies and recruits members for active participation in the organization, such as committee membership, positions on the Board of Directors, and other activities of the organization. The committee proposes a slate of at least one nominee for each vacant elected office to the Board of Directors, which approves the proposed ballot. The committee supervises the election process, notifies candidates about the results of the election, and presents the results of the election to the President, who announces the results.

  • Anthony Ciccone (Past-President & Committee Chair), University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, USA,
  • Peter Felten (President), Elon University, USA,
  • Beth Marquis (Co-President Elect), Canada
  • Katarina Martensson (Co-President Elect), Sweden
  • Sherry Linkon, Georgetown University, USA,
  • Karen Manarin, Canada
  • Sean Brawley, Australia

Membership Committee

The Membership Committee recruits new members through multiple means and manages the retention of current members through a renewal process and on going conference registration. The committee decides on and guides communities of practice sponsored by the Society.

  • Mary Ann Danielson (Chair, Secretary), Creighton University, USA,
  • Beth Marquis, McMaster Institute for Innovation & Excellence in Teaching & Learning, Canada,
  • Brad Wuetherick, Canada
  • Bettie Higgs, Europe
  • Deb Clarke, Asia Pacific
  • Tom Pusateri, USA
  • Aaron Long, Student

Students and SoTL Committee

  • Roselynn Verwood, Canada
  • Aaron Long, USA
  • Shevell Thibou, USA
  • Lucie Sam Dvorakova, Australia
  • Irena Radisevic, Canada
  • Trent Mauer, USA
  • Rita Kumar, USA
  • Clair Lockard, USA

Publications Advisory Committee

The Publications Advisory Committee is responsible for strategic planning and coordination of scholarly publications for the Society. The primary function of the committee is to guide the development of the Society’s journal, Teaching and Learning Inquiry, by periodically reviewing the model employed for its publication and dissemination. The Committee is also responsible for generating a pool of editorial candidates, nominating new editors to the Board, and advising on the terms of the editorial positions. This committee will not be involved in the substantive work of the journal, neither in setting its intellectual course nor in supervising the operations of the editor and his or her editorial board. It is intended to advise the Society on the questions of how best to make our intellectual work visible and useful to our potential audiences and to ensure that the journal serves the larger purposes of the Society.

Teaching & Learning Inquiry (TLI) Editors

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