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Library Access to TLI

It's 2017. Does your library know where Teaching & Learning Inquiry is?

Help extend the reach of ISSOTL's journal by checking YOUR library catalog to see what they list for Teaching & Learning Inquiry. 

If your library doesn't list it as a journal, let your librarian know it's freely available  from

If your library has access listed through Project Muse or JSTOR or both for volumes 1-3, please tell your librarian to add a link to so that everyone at your institution can find the most recent volumes.

If you don't know your librarian or any librarians at your institution, this would be a great opportunity to reach out to one. If an experience in your past makes this a terrifying prospect, email Margy MacMillan ( with your institution and she can contact the appropriate person.

If the librarian needs more info about the journal, please feel free to ask them to contact Margy ( who is fluent in librarianese and can provide information your library might need before listing the journal.

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