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Welcome to ISSOTL17 and Calgary!  For those of you who are attending an ISSOTL conference for the first time, we have gathered some information to help you make the most of your experience.


New-to-ISSOTL Welcome & Meet-and-Greet Session:  Wednesday, October 11 (4:30-5:15pm)


The Program at a Glance is already up, and more details will be coming soon!  There are several types of sessions:

Pre-conference workshops (Oct 11):

These longer, interactive sessions do require pre-registration and enrollment limits, so you’ll want to plan ahead to attend.

Plenary sessions (Oct 11, 12 and 14):

We have invited speakers who will inspire and challenge us to consider teaching and learning from a variety of perspectives. You won’t want to miss them!

Concurrent sessions (Oct 12, 13 and 14)

During each of the 10 concurrent sessions, there will be a number of individual and group presentations. It will be hard to choose from among so many interesting talks, but you can only be in one place at a time! If you are torn between options, consider finding someone with similar interests who is going to one of the options.  You can go to the other and exchange notes afterwards.

Poster session and reception (Oct 12)

This is an amazing opportunity to peruse visual representations of research, chat with researchers, and mingle with the larger ISSOTL group—all in a relaxed, social environment.


  • What to wear?  Calgary is a fairly relaxed city where business casual is the norm, but you will also find people from students to corporate executives in blue jeans. The weather can change quickly this time of year, so consider having multiple layers to adjust to sunshine, wind, rain… or even snow.
  • What else to bring? It is always handy to have a supply of business cards to exchange—come ready to network! Hint: make a note on the back of each business card you receive to remember what you spoke about, how this person prefers to be contacted, etc. Having both writing supplies (paper, notebook, etc.) and digital technology will be helpful.  Wifi is available throughout the conference centre. We are preparing a conference workbook filled with all kinds of helpful information and spaces for reflection that you may want to print and bring along as well. (It will be posted in September.)
  • How to prepare for presenting? You will want to carefully review the information on this page in order to prepare appropriately. Make sure you read the statement on ISSOTL's "conference pedagogy," so you get a sense of their conference presentation style and personality.
  • How to get regular updates?  The ISSOTL17 website and related links (including this page) will continue to be updated, so check back regularly. You can also follow @issotl17 and #issotl17 on Twitter for more details about the program. Presenters are also getting preparatory messages from the conference organizers via

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