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Advocacy and Outreach Committee

Committee Description from the Bylaws

ISSOTL promotes faculty, staff, and student voices, informed by research on learning in classrooms and related contexts, in discussions of pedagogy, curricula, and success in higher education. ISSOTL encourages its members to make their voices heard in colleges and universities, disciplinary and professional associations, and other relevant organizations and public bodies, as well as through the media. The Advocacy and Outreach committee was formed to foster such discussions –as an organization but also among ISSOTL members –about the relevance of SOTL for improving education and for policy development within and outside of the academy. The committee will support such communication via the organization’s website, a social media presence, collaboration with special interest groups, and active involvement at conferences. It also provides resources, guidelines, and models to help ISSOTL members share research-based insights on teaching and learning with audiences within and outside of the academy, including the media and policy makers.

Committee reports will include a summary of activities, issues to which ISSOTL can contribute constructively, and opportunities to do so. The committee will also make suggestions to the Conference and Convenings Committee about signature features of the annual conference that can promote networking and collaboration for advocacy and outreach, and when possible, coordinate at least one conference session focused on some aspect of advocacy and outreach.

Committee Updates and Projects


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