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Register Now for ISSOTL 2016

The Center for Teaching Excellence (CTE) at Loyola Marymount University (LMU) under the leadership of its Director Dr. Dorothea Herreiner is the ISSOTL 2016 conference organizer. Dr. Herreiner looks forward to welcoming ISSOTL members and other ISSOTL 2016 presenters to Los Angeles, Califronia, October 12-15.

Call for Expressions of Interest to Host 2018 ISSOTL Conference

ISSOTL and its Convenings Committee welcome expressions of interest in hosting the 2018 ISSOTL annual conference. The ISSOTL Board has stated a preference for a conference location outside North America in 2018, but the Convenings Committee will consider expressions of interest from any institution or group of institutions regardless of location.  

2016 Election Results

On behalf of the ISSOTL Board, we’re pleased to announce that the following positions have been filled. Thank to all the members who put themselves forward to be nominated. A special thanks to Kathy Takayama and the Leadership and Election Committee for presenting the slate of candidates and to Brandon Clementi for handling the logistics.

Co-Presidents Elect (2016-2019): Katarina Martensson, Lund University, Sweden, & Beth Marquis, McMaster University, Canada

Treasurer (2016-2019): Sarah Bunnell, Ohio Wesleyan University, US

Student Representative (2016-2018): Aaron Long, University of Kansas, US

Canada Regional VP (2016-2019): Heather Smith, University of Northern British Columbia, Canada

Asia Pacific Regional VP (2016-2019): Kelly Matthews, University of Queensland, Australia

Europe Regional VP (2016-2019): Idoia Fernandez, University of the Basque Country

US Regional VP (2016-2019): Lauren Scharff, U.S. Air Force Academy, US

US Regional VP (2016-2018): Jessie L. Moore, Elon University, US

In memory of Joanna Renc-Roe

Our colleague Joanna Renc-Roe has left us, much too early. It is with great sadness we write these words, but also with warm memories and gratitude for having known Joanna, her work, and her contributions to the world of SoTL. Joanna worked at the Center for Teaching and Learning at the Central European University in Budapest, Hungary. Her academic interests concerned professional development, internationalisation, and the relation between policy and practice in higher education.

ISSOTL 2016 Elections - Candidate Bios and Statements

Before participating in this year's ISSOTL elections, please view the body of this post, which includes bios and personal statements for each of the candidates listed below: 

United States Vice President Candidates:
                A. Stephen Bloch-Schulman, Elon University
                B. Aimee Knupsky, Allegheny College
                C. Jessie Moore, Elon University
                D. Lauren Scharff, U.S. Air Force Academy

Asia Pacific Vice President Candidates:
                A. Chng Huang Hoon, National University of Singapore
                B. Kelly Matthews, University of Queensland
                C. Robyn Nash, Queensland Institute of Technology

Europe Vice President Candidate:
                A. Idoia Fernández, University of the Basque Country, UPV/EHU (Spanish State)

Canada Vice President Candidate:
                A. Heather Smith, University of Northern British Columbia

President Elect Candidates:
                A. Co-Presidents Elect Katarina Mårtensson & Beth Marquis, Lund and McMaster Universities

Treasurer Elect Candidate:
                A. Sarah Bunnell, Ohio Wesleyan University

Student Representative Candidate:
                A. Aaron Long, University of Kansas

ISSOTL Distinguished Service Awards 2016

Each year, the ISSOTL Board organizes a public call for nominations for the Distinguished Service Award (DSA). This award is aimed at ISSOTL members who have served the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning in distinguished ways for a period spanning a significant part of their career as faculty or leaders in higher education.  The Board may make up to two such awards per year.

New SoTL E-journal in Art History

Last year, Art History Teaching Resources (AHTR), a peer-populated open educational resource, began research and development on Art History Pedagogy and Practice (AHPP), a new online, open-access, and peer-reviewed journal launching in fall 2016. Devoted to the scholarship of teaching and learning in art history (SoTL-AH), and funded by the Samuel H. Kress Foundation, this project developed in response to two key issues: first, the recognition that art historians need opportunities to share rigorous pedagogical research produced in the field; and second, the reality that teaching in the discipline has historically been undervalued in both economic and scholarly terms.  

ISSOTL 2016 Call for Proposals

We're excited to announce that the ISSOTL 2016 Call for Proposals is available. ISSOTL 2016 will convene October 12-15, 2016, in Los Angeles, California. Bookmark the conference webpages, follow the conference hosts on twitter, and like the conference facebook page for updates.

Report from the ISSOTL Publications Advisory Committee (PAC)

The last few months have seen the fruition of two years of planning, extensive member input, and much discussion, culminating in the launch of Teaching & Learning Inquiry (TLI) in its new Open Access format and new home at the University of Calgary.


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