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Moving to Open Access: An Update on Plans for Teaching & Learning Inquiry (November 2015)

The Publications Advisory Committee sponsored an open discussion at the Melbourne conference on plans for moving TLI to an Open Access publication format.  The following set of FAQs was a handout at that session. It will give ISSOTL members an up-to-date account of when and how that transition will occur.   

A Report from the Publications Advisory Committee: ISSOTL to Partner with the University of Calgary as Teaching & Learning Inquiry Moves to Open Access Publication

Beginning in July 2016, Teaching & Learning Inquiry will be hosted at the University of Calgary as part of the university’s Open Access publishing program through Libraries and Cultural Resources. The 4.2 issue (scheduled for September 2016) will be the first to appear in the new format.

As noted in previous reports from the Publications Advisory Committee (PAC), the move to Open Access (OA) will have a number of advantages. This more accessible format will make the SoTL community’s work more widely available, open up the journal to online-only features, and reduce costs. The Committee sees OA as congruent with both the ethic of sharing that characterizes the SoTL community and the significant shifts in the scholarly publishing world. 

Call for Expressions of Interest to Host 2017 ISSOTL Conference

The Convenings Committee welcomes expressions of interest in hosting the 2017 ISSOTL annual conference. The ISSOTL Board has stated a preference for a North American conference location in 2017, but the Convenings Committee will consider expressions of interest from any institution or group of institutions regardless of location.

Expressions of interest must include:

Communications Committee Seeks Members

The Communications Committee seeks nominations for additional members.

Northwestern University Director of the Searle Center for Advancing Learning and Teaching


Northwestern University invites inquiries, nominations, and applications for the position of Director of the Searle Center for Advancing Learning and Teaching.

Student-generated data - Trends in the 2014 Conference program

In a pre-conference workshop at ISSOTL 2014, a small group of us decided to investigate how much of the SoTL work presented at ISSOTL 2014 was actually based on data from students. As we dove into the work, trends emerged around the kinds of investigations reported on and the kinds of data presented. This blog post provides a quick summary of what we found and raises questions that point the way to future work.

Online Job Ads

ISSOTL maintains a Job Posting forum for members. Current members may post job ads from their institution by logging in, visiting the Job Posting forum, and clicking "New Topic."

If you are not a member of ISSOTL and would like to post a job ad on the forum, please email the job ad to the Communications Committee Chair, Jessie L. Moore.

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