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2014-2015 Welcome from Kathy Takayama

On behalf of the Executive Board of the International Society for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (ISSOTL), a very warm welcome to our members and audiences from across the globe.

As we mark the tenth anniversary of the Society’s founding, it is indeed exciting to see how expansively our membership has grown to represent an increasingly diverse community of countries, institutions and participants. I am especially pleased to welcome our student community, who represent the future of the scholarship of teaching and learning in higher education. As we shared at the Society’s 11th annual conference, in view of the growing needs of the Society to serve and support its membership, we are now fortunate to have student representation on the board, and have also increased the representation of the regional Vice Presidents. We are delighted to have each region represented by two VPs (previously each region had a single representative) and anticipate that our long-term goal of fostering stronger international collaboration and regional activities can be realized through the efforts of our committed board members. I encourage our members to become active in the Society, as we are dependent upon the diverse expertise and perspectives you bring to our work. For those of you who have recently joined ISSOTL, do contact any of us on the board to learn how you can become actively involved in continuing to shape the Society.

The theme of the 2014 conference, Nurturing Creativity and Passion in Teaching and Learning, was particularly important at this critical juncture in higher education. The increasing pressures on institutions to produce globally competitive graduates can distract from a greater mission to foster creative experimentation, critical engagement and a passionate commitment toward the pursuit of intellectual sustenance. The scholarship of teaching and learning provides a forum for interrogating in what ways, to what extent, and in which dimensions the nurturing of creativity and passion interacts with the efficacy of our praxis. It is exciting to anticipate the diverse perspectives that all of you bring to this ongoing conversation – online here at our website and at our future conferences.

Our newly assembled communications committee is actively redesigning and expanding the functionality of the Society’s website to better engage with our members, so please check back often for new resources and features.

We look forward to seeing you in Melbourne, Australia for ISSOTL 2015!

With very best wishes,

Kathy Takayama

ISSOTL President

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