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Announcing the Public SoTL ICWG Co-Leaders

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We are pleased to announce the Co-Leaders for the inaugural Public SoTL International Collaborative Writing Groups (ICWGs). They are, in alphabetical order, the following:

  • Henk Huijser (Australia)
  • James Cronin (Ireland)
  • Siobhán McPhee (Canada)
  • Janel Seeley (US)

We thank all applicants for their interest in this new model and encourage them to apply as group facilitators or participants.  (See dates below.)

Henk, James, Siobhán, and Janel will facilitate a collegial process that generates new work by focusing on SoTL as public scholarship, extending the purpose of SoTL toward advocacy, its audiences toward a broader public, its products toward more public forms of communication, and its influence beyond courses and academic programs. The products of this work will be more public modes of writing, potentially in forms like white papers, public statements on pressing issues, material for mainstream media, web resources, public art installations or performances, or series of blog posts/podcasts/audio-visual content aimed at a wider audience.  These ICWGs will complement ISSOTL’s existing model of biennial (or triennial) academic writing ICWGs.

In consultation with the ICWG Working Group, the Co-Leaders will immediately begin identifying topic areas and potential outputs that are feasible for approximately five writing groups in this first iteration.  They will then call for group facilitators, and then group participants. The ICWGs will begin developing their specific projects in April 2020, meet together immediately before the ISSOTL20 conference in Perth, and publicly share its products by October 2021. 

If you’re interested in being involved in the Public SoTL ICWGs, look for the call for Group Facilitators in ISSOTL’s January newsletter, and the call for Group Participants in ISSOTL’s February newsletter.

The 2019-20 ICWG Working Group
Nancy Chick (Co-President Elect), Jennifer Friberg & Nicola Simmons (Co-Chairs, Advocacy & Outreach Committee), Peter Felten (Chair, Publications Advisory Committee), & Aysha Divan, Phillip Motley, & Lauren Scharff (Co-Leaders, 2019 ICWGs)

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