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Call for Submissions: SoTL Around the World

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SoTL Around the World: Call for Submissions (Ongoing)

As the journal of the International Society for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, Teaching & Learning Inquiry invites colleagues from regions or groups typically underrepresented in SoTL narratives to submit descriptions of SoTL from within their specific geographical, national, and/or regional contexts.

The journal hopes to expand its representation of the diversity of SoTL experiences across the globe: SoTL’s origins and aims, the particularities of its practices and practitioners, and its successes and challenges. Any of the following prompts may guide such submissions: ·

  • What are the origins of SoTL in your context, and how has it developed or built on that foundation?
  • How does your geographical context (e.g., cultures, languages, histories, values) inform SoTL in your region? For example,
    • how SoTL is understood, interpreted or translated, conducted, received, and/or institutionalized
    • the most common areas of inquiry in SoTL
    • the roles of students in SoTL
    • how SoTL is made public
    • any theoretical approaches, frameworks, or models that are important for SoTL
    • how SoTL might expand

We hope this diverse representation and the resulting depth of understanding will facilitate substantive conversations about SoTL across a range of contexts. We particularly invite submissions from areas where SoTL occurs in languages other than English, but in order to reach TLI readers, they will need to be written in (or translated into) English. These pieces, which may be short, may be submitted at any time, as they will be an ongoing feature in Teaching & Learning Inquiry.

We look forward to submissions to this ongoing feature,
The Teaching & Learning Inquiry Editorial Team
Co-Editors Nancy Chick & Katarina Mårtensson
Associate Editors Stephen Bloch-Schulman, Lucy Mercer-Mapstone, & Kelly Schrum

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