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Founding Committee

The International Society for the Scholarship of Teaching & Learning was founded in 2004 by a committee of 67 scholars from several countries. These founding members are below:

Jane Aiken Georgetown University
Thomas Angelo Victoria University of Wellington
Peter D. Ashworth Sheffield Hallam University
Marcia Babb Carnegie Foundation
Bob Bain University of Michigan
Randy Bass Georgetown University
Spencer Benson University of Maryland
Dan Bernstein University of Kansas
Angela Brew University of Sydney
Suzanne Burgoyne University of Missouri
Mary Burman University of Wyoming
Vernon Burton University of Illinois
Nick Byrne London School of Economics & Political Science
Barbara Cambridge American Association for Higher Education
Nancy Chism Indiana University-Purdue University
Brian Coppola University of Michigan
Milt Cox Miami University-Ohio
Vaneeta D’Andrea City University of London
Lewis Elton University College
Daisy Floyd Texas Technical University
Richard Gale Carnegie Foundation
Lee Gass University of British Columbia
Barbara Gayle University of Portland
George Gordon University of Strathclyde
Mick Healey University of Gloucestershire
Linda Hodges Princeton University
Mary Huber Carnegie Foundation
Pat Hutchings Carnegie Foundation
Paul Hyland Bath Spa University
Randy Isaacson Indiana University-South Bend
Dennis Jacob Notre Dame University
Alan Jenkins Oxford Brookes University
Mills Kelly George Mason University
Carolin Kreber University of Alberta
Susan Lea University of Plymouth
Davorah Lieberman Portland State University
Sherry Linkon Youngstown State University
Elaine Martin Victoria University
Kathleen McKinney Illinois State University
Judith E. Miller Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Rob Moore University of Cape Town
Pat Murrell University of Memphis
Craig Nelson Indiana University
Ruth Neumann Macquarie University
David Pace Indiana University
Bernice Pescosolido Indiana University
Caroline Persell New York University
Gary Poole University of British Columbia
Michael Prosser University of Sydney
Paul Ramsden University of Sydney
James Rhem National Teaching & Learning Forum
Eugene Rice American Association for Higher Education
Laurie Richlin Claremont Graduate University
Jennifer Robinson Indiana University
Anthony Rosie Sheffield Hallam University
Chris Rust Oxford Brookes University
Whitney Schlegel Indiana University
Anita Salem Rockhurst University
Ian Scott University of Cape Town
Diane Sieber University of Colorado
Kathy Takayama University of New South Wales
Lynn Taylor Dalhousie University
Keith Trigwell University of Sydney
Emily VanZee University of Maryland
George Walker Carnegie Foundation
Mark Walter Oakton Community College
John Webster University of Washington
Deborah Willis Victoria University

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