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Grand Challenges of SoTL

Grand challenges address wicked problems related to a discipline, although solving them will require multidisciplinary efforts, as well as culture changes across a variety of levels within and across institutions (Roxå & Mårtensson, 2015). Now that a broad foundation of SoTL work has been accomplished (Hutchings & Shulman, 1999; Kreber & Cranton, 2000; McKinney, 2007; Felten, 2013), we believe that there is benefit in identifying broad themes and challenges of SoTL. Such SoTL Grand Challenges could provide a framework for SoTL-related collaborations and conversations that impact not only our individual classrooms and institutions, but also combine to impact education, outreach, policies, and funding on world-wide level.

This effort will follow an identification process similar to that used to determine the Grand Challenges of Engineering (2008): first gather inputs from a large and varied group of stakeholders, and then have recognized experts within the field to help cull the inputs into the final list of Grand Challenges. A poster at ISSoTL in 2018 in Bergen provide da start at gathering inputs from SoTL stakeholders from around the world. Further outreach for inputs will be made in the coming months. If you have questions or would like to participate, please contact the project lead: Dr. Lauren Scharff (

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