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ISSOTL 2018 Conference

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Join us in Bergen, the 'gateway to the fjords', on October 24th – 27th, 2018 for the 15th annual ISSOTL conference. We will explore how teaching staff, students, educational leaders, administrators and community members can collaborate to foster a learning culture.

Click, Click, Click | Bergen from Jørgen Thomsen on Vimeo.

The ISSOTL18 conference theme, Toward a learning culture, opens a space for discussions about the collegial, cultural, interprofessional and interpersonal dimensions of the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning: 

  •  A culture for learning: How do we generate and sustain meaningful teaching and learning that have a lasting impact, within and across courses, programs, departments and institutions?
  • A culture of learners: How do we engage and support the many players and complex relationships that together comprise a learning environment?
  • An inclusive learning culture: What happens when we connect student learning to life and work experiences beyond the (physical or virtual) classroom? What does teaching and learning look like, and what does SOTL look like, when inclusivity (of diverse perspectives as well as a diversity of people) is not an add-on but core to our practices?
  • A culture that learns: How is SOTL changing, and how can SOTL practice foster development and growth in higher education?

Welcome to Bergen in 2018!

University of Bergen and bioCEED - Centre of Excellence in Biology Education


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