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ISSOTL 2018 Hosts, Sponsors and Organizers

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Conference Co-Chairs

Oddfrid Førland, bioCEED, University of Bergen
Roy Andersson, bioCEED, University of Bergen (and Lund University)
Yael Harlap, Dept. of Education, University of Bergen

bioCEED Centre Leader (represents the bioCEED resources and will be used when magic is needed!)

Vigdis Vandvik, Centre Leader bioCEED, University of Bergen

Program Committee (advises on the conference academic program, oversees the recruitment and selection of conference presentations and sessions)

  • ISSOTL Co-president 2017-2018: Beth Marquis
  • ISSOTL Co-president 2017-2018: Katarina Mårtensson 
  • ISSOTL Communications committee chair: Jessie Moore
  • ISSOTL Student representative: Sam Lucie Dvorakova
  • ISSOTL European leadership representative: Rie Troelsen
  • 2017 Conference host representative: Nancy Chick
  • 2019 Conference host representative: TBA 2018
  • 2018 Conference host team: Oddfrid Førland
  • 2018 Conference host team: Roy Andersson
  • 2018 Conference host team: Yael Harlap
  • 2018 Conference host team: Vigdis Vandvik



ISSOTL18 is hosted by University of Bergen and bioCEED – Centre of Excellence in Biology Education.

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