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ISSOTL 2018 Presenter Information

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ISSOTL conferences convene faculty members, staff, and students from across the disciplines and around the world as a community that fosters inquiry and disseminates findings about what improves and articulates post-secondary learning and teaching. This purpose leads to an inherently complex conference culture: participants with diverse backgrounds and common goals. ISSOTL conference participants bring high aspirations to do important work — to improve learning and teaching in higher education and to contribute to what’s known about meaningful student learning. We also believe that we are working together (or at least side-by-side) toward these goals. Over time, these assumptions have led to a conference pedagogy — an approach to knowledge-sharing at the conference — that is scholarly, engaged, inclusive, and collegial.  
Presenters, please click here to read the full statement on ISSOTL's Conference Pedagogy.



Posters should not exceed size A0 Portrait (Width x Height: 84 x 119 cm = 33 x 47 inches). ISSOTL will provide the backing boards and push pins for displaying the posters. 

Poster presenters may set up their posters anytime after 1pm on Friday, October 26, and at least one of the poster presenters should stand with their posters during the poster session (at least one presenter needs to be in attendance for a poster to be displayed). Poster should be taken down immediately after the poster session and no later than 8:00pm.



The lead presenter of the final paper in each group of 2 or 3 (as listed in the final program) has been designated the Session Chair. The Session Chair will introduce presenters by name, affiliation, and title of presentation and keep time throughout. Session Chairs are instructed to intervene and cut each presentation off precisely at the 27 minute mark, leaving roughly 3 minutes between the papers to allow everybody to catch their breath, not least the next presenter. Managing time is critical to ensure that each paper in the session has adequate time.



The lead panel or workshop presenter is designated as the Session Chair and will introduce all presenters by name, affiliation and keep time throughout. Ending the session on time is critical to allow the participants adequate time moving to the next session or event.




Presentation rooms will be equipped only with an LCD projector and screen (or a big LCD TV screen). Laptops will not be provided. HDMI cables will be available to plug in your laptop, but presenters must bring any adaptors needed.

The Grieg Hall has wireless internet access, but please download everything you need for your presentation beforehand (e.g. media files, presentation files, etc.) since the large number of participants may affect wi-fi quality and reliability.

All concurrent session rooms will be set up in a classroom style or in small groups set-up.

A Note on Remote Presentations
The ISSOTL Board of Directors, in response to requests from accepted presenters who (for various reasons) can't travel to the conference, decided that neither ISSOTL nor the conference hosts will facilitate this kind of presentation. In addition to the additional (and very high) technology costs and on-site tech support, remote participation doesn't enable the kind of interaction ISSOTL values in its conference pedagogy (see above). We thus discourage remote participation in sessions.



Everyone who presents needs to be registered for the conference. Like other academic societies, ISSOTL requires all presenters to register for the conference. If you are only able to attend the conference on the day you present, you may use the one-day registration option. You can register for the conference here

If you're presenting and haven't yet registered for the conference, do so ASAP.  (All presenters must be registered for the conference.) Also, book your hotel room



ISSOTL18 is hosted by University of Bergen and bioCEED – Centre of Excellence in Biology Education.

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