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Angela Carbone

Angela Carbone

Dean Learning Innovation

Professor Angela Carbone is the Dean Learning Innovation in the Faculty of Science, Engineering and Technology at Swinburne University of Technology. Prior to this role, Angela was the inaugural Director of Education Excellence at Monash University. She has extensive educational leadership experience and an international profile in scholarship of learning and teaching.  She provides leadership in teaching and learning for all teaching staff across the university’s local and international campuses.

Professor Carbone’s teaching achievements have been recognised nationally, being the first academic from Monash to be awarded the nation’s highest teaching award, the Prime Minister’s Award for University Teacher of the Year (1998), and the first academic from Monash two secure two National Teaching Fellowships (2010, 2012).

From a background in Mathematics and Computing, Professor Carbone’s research interests include: computing education, developing employability skills in students, new models of academic teacher development; educational leadership; and teaching in higher education. Her scholarly activities have been funded through research and development grants from a range of funding sources, including: the Australia Government’s Office for Learning and Teaching, Netspot, the Council of Australian Directors of Academic Development, and the Council of Deans of ICT (Learning and Teaching) Academy.

At the core of Professor Carbone’s professional work is her immersion in pedagogy, drive for innovation and excellence in educational practice, and leadership in continual improvement.



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