International Society for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning

Membership Committee Seeks New Members

ISSOTL Membership Committee

The ISSOTL Membership Committee is seeking nominations for

  • a Student representative and 
  • a representative from the Asia-Pacific Region. 

This is a key ISSOTL committee. The representatives on the committee discuss and advise on all matters that relate to Society members, such as membership resources and support for new members. They liaise with other ISSOTL committees such as Outreach and Advocacy and Communications Committee. This gives an opportunity to know and influence what goes on at the heart of the Society. Committee meetings are not more than once every two months and last for one hour. Discussions with people around the globe are dynamic and sociable.
“When I discovered ISSOTL, the International Society for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, I found a group of welcoming people who deeply cared about teaching and learning and who were eager to share their experiences, ask thoughtful questions, collaborate on projects, and engage in discovery, learning, and public engagement. ISSOTL members are approachable, curious, and willing to dialogue. Getting involved has given me insight into the operating structure of the organization where I have had the opportunity to work with dedicated others who share similar interests. The best part of ISSOTL is its membership - an ever growing group of colleagues from around the world who share a bond through the scholarship of teaching and learning. Join us!”
If you are interested in representing your fellow ISSOTL student or Asia-Pacific Region members, please send your (self-)nomination to the ISSOTL Secretary and Chair of the Membership Committee, Mary Ann Danielson ( by May 1st.  

(Self-)Nominations should include: nominee’s name, institutional affiliation, and a brief statement describing why the nominee wishes to serve (typically a three-year term) on the committee.

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