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Update from the Students as Co-Inquirers SIG

Submitted by k.matthews1 on Fri, 02/19/2016 - 08:45

by Kelly Matthews and Shevell Thibou

Lovely to see folks in Melbourne for the 2015 ISSOTL Conference. New chairs were selected at the Students as Co-Inquirers Special Interest Group (SIG) meeting. As those new co-chairs, we would like to introduce ourselves.

Kelly Matthews
I am a Senior Lecturer in Higher Education at The University of Queensland, an Australian Learning & Teaching Fellow, and co-leader for the current ISSOTL International Collaborative Writing Groups initiative. My research explores students’ experiences of learning across degree programs (focus in the sciences), which increasingly involves students as co-researchers. Along with developing teaching preparation programs for new tutors (teaching assistants) and instructors, Iteach into such programs. For me, SoTL is a great way to engage colleagues and students in genuine opportunities to enhance higher education that fosters shared responsibility for learning.  

Shevell Thibou
I am the Coordinator for Western Washington University’s Learning Commons and Teaching-Learning Academy (TLA). My role within the TLA consists of planning and co-facilitating events that advance the scholarship of teaching and learning at Western and beyond. I have also been an active member of the ISSOTL and the Students as Co-inquirers SIG for almost four years. I am currently enrolled in Seattle Pacific University’s Doctorate in Education program with a focus on Educational Leadership. My research is focused on implementing a model of co-inquiry within the classroom setting in order to create a community of learners inspired to take ownership of their learning. 

We are grateful to Carmen Werder and Roselynn Verwood, who have led this SIG with creativity and passion. Both will remain active SIG members. 

Partnerships in Practice

Coming soon! We will feature the student-staff partnership practices of our members via this ISSOTL Blog space. This provides the opportunity to explore the issue, practice, or program in-depth and is a great way to feature your work, seek assistance or advice from others, make connections with other members, and translate your practice into the public domain (going public in a SoTL way!).


Watch for more news from the Students as Co-Inquirers Special Interest Group in the coming weeks.


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