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PAC archive narrative and linked document

The archive begins with several documents that predate the establishment of the PAC:

1)    A call for applications for the position of TLI editor, which was posted in the ISSOTL Commons in May 2011.  It was signed by Gary Poole, ISSOTL president at that time. 

2)    An application for the editor’s role, from Nancy Chick, July 2011, who then served in that capacity along with Gary Poole as co-editor.   

3)    The memorandum of agreement between ISSOTL and Indiana University Press (IUPress), dated June 22, 2012.  The PAC does not have a signed version of this document, but it had signature spaces for Dan Bernstein as ISSOTL president at the time, and Janet Rabinovich, director of IUPress.  (There is also a revised “consent to publish” document from August 2013, which bears on authors’ control over their scholarly work, and an addendum (effective July 2013) specifying that henceforth ISSOTL would take responsibility for membership list management; IUPress had been managing this previously, and there were problems.   

4)    An announcement of the launch of TLI in July 2012, sent via email to ISSOTL members.



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