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ISSoTL and Student Engagement

By Roselynn Verwoord

Special Announcement re: International Writing Groups

Overdue congratulations to Beth Marquis, Mick Healey, and Michelle Vine for not only running the International Writing Groups at ISSOTL in Hamilton, but in true Meta-SoTL style, researching the process. See their work at "Building Capacity for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) Using
International Collaborative Writing Groups" in the International Journal for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning.

Advancing Undergraduate Research

untitled by Trent Maurer The ISSOTL Interest Group on Advancing Undergraduate Research (AUR-IG) is an international, interdisciplinary network for faculty and administrators who are interested in investigating undergraduate research through the lens of the scholarship of teaching and learning.

Welcome to a New Year of Not Being Busy…

A week before the end of term, my Masters of Education students were talking before class about how very busy they were (working full-time, finishing term, juggling family responsibilities, etc. etc.). I sat and listened, and before long the room resonated with bzzzbzzzbzzzbzzz. It made me realize I’d been hearing the ‘busy’ refrain for a long time – colleagues no longer respond to “how are you?” with fine; instead they say they’re “busy.” Students have noted they are often overwhelmed with busy-ness (Acai, 2013 and others).

ISSOTL and Advocacy — A Few Options

In December, ISSOTL President Joelle Fanghanel wrote, in our first blog, that advocacy ought to be “an important focus” for our organization. ISSOTL’s Advocacy and Outreach Committee is exploring what that means for us as an organization. We have several options.

Happy Holidays!

Wishing everyone a wonderful holiday season, however you celebrate it. May you be surrounded by the warmth and love of family and friends and experience the joyous anticipation of a happy New Year in 2014.

The blog posts will take a holiday as well and will be back in January - watch for new posts!

Nicola Simmons

ISSOTL Regional VP, Canada

SOTL’s Resistance Role: Advocating for Excellence

By Joelle Fanghanel
President of ISSOTL

I feel strongly that SOTL has the potential to inflect some of the irrational or erratic directions we see emerging for higher education – the market drive; a focus on extrinsic aims and immediately tangible outcomes; generally a sense that critique and intellectual endeavour are under siege.

Editing Teaching and Learning Inquiry: Building Community through Publication

Journal editing ranks as one of the most intellectually stimulating things I have ever taken on.  Stimulating and hectic.  So I’m very lucky to have such a skilled partner in Nancy Chick.  With every decision Nancy and I make, we are conscious of the feeling that we are trying to build something.  The key question, of course, is: Just what are we building?

Welcome to the new website!

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