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ISSOTL 2017 Call for Proposals

This year's theme is inspired by the conference’s location in Calgary, a city that sits at 1,049 meters high with the Canadian Rocky Mountains shaping its western skyline.  “Reaching New Heights” will push our thinking about the scholarship of teaching and learning. This theme urges presenters, practitioners, and participants to think about the future of SoTL and how we navigate the new routes for getting there. It asks us to take risks by venturing into the unknown, and to explore diverse landscapes as we gain wider views of teaching and learning. It invites discussions of both the peaks and the valleys of SoTL, and calls us to share our adventures in SoTL—what we’ve learned along the way, how far we’ve come, what we’ve left behind, when we’ve faced down adversity, whose hands have lifted us, when we’ve stopped short of the peak, and what’s accomplished by reaching the summit.

SOTL in the South: Call for Papers

Date: 24 – 27 July 2017

Venue: University of Johannesburg, Soweto Campus

The University of Johannesburg, in collaboration with colleagues at other South African universities, including UWC, CPUT and RU, will host an international conference, which focuses on the scholarship of teaching and learning in the global South. It will showcase exciting and innovative research methods, new findings and feature provocative debates.

Why a conference on the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SOTL) in the South?

2016 Student Presentation Awards

ISSOTL awards two student presentation awards each year at the annual conference, for best presentation led by a student and best poster presentation led by a student. Students receive a one year membership in the Society.

The 2016 award winners were:

2016 Emerging Scholars Fund Recipients

Nineteen students were identified as ISSOTL Emerging Scholars Fund recipients in September. The award supported their attendance at the Society's 2016 conference in October.

The 2016 recipients were:

Proposal to host the ISSOTL conference in 2018

ISSOTL and its Convenings Committee have extended the call for proposals to host the 2018 ISSOTL annual conference. We will consider proposals from any institution or group of institutions regardless of geographical location, although we have a slight preference for proposals from outside of North America.

Jennifer Meta Robinson recognized with 2016 Distinguished Service Award

Jennifer Meta Robinson, Ph.D, Professor of Practice in the Indiana University Department of Anthropology, will receive the 2016 Distinguished Service Award from the International Society for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (ISSOTL) at the organization’s annual meeting on October 13 in Los Angeles.

SoTL Advocacy via Social Media

Written by Jennifer Friberg (; @jacfriberg13), Cross Endowed Chair in SoTL at Illinois State University on behalf of ISSOTL’s Advocacy & Outreach committee

These days, social media seems omnipresent, with many groups and individuals using the power of various social media platforms (e.g., Facebook, Twitter, blogs) to learn content, share discoveries, and advocate for literally thousands of causes and efforts. During recent conference calls, the members of ISSOTL’s Advocacy & Outreach committee have discussed ways that social media might be harnessed for SoTL promotion and for communication with current and future ISSOTL members, understanding that if we seek to maximize our reach to a large number of individuals (which we do!), social media could be valuable for ISSOTL and for SoTL, in general.

Register Now for ISSOTL 2016

The Center for Teaching Excellence (CTE) at Loyola Marymount University (LMU) under the leadership of its Director Dr. Dorothea Herreiner is the ISSOTL 2016 conference organizer. Dr. Herreiner looks forward to welcoming ISSOTL members and other ISSOTL 2016 presenters to Los Angeles, Califronia, October 12-15.

Call for Expressions of Interest to Host 2018 ISSOTL Conference

ISSOTL and its Convenings Committee welcome expressions of interest in hosting the 2018 ISSOTL annual conference. The ISSOTL Board has stated a preference for a conference location outside North America in 2018, but the Convenings Committee will consider expressions of interest from any institution or group of institutions regardless of location.  

2016 Election Results

On behalf of the ISSOTL Board, we’re pleased to announce that the following positions have been filled. Thank to all the members who put themselves forward to be nominated. A special thanks to Kathy Takayama and the Leadership and Election Committee for presenting the slate of candidates and to Brandon Clementi for handling the logistics.

Co-Presidents Elect (2016-2019): Katarina Martensson, Lund University, Sweden, & Beth Marquis, McMaster University, Canada

Treasurer (2016-2019): Sarah Bunnell, Ohio Wesleyan University, US

Student Representative (2016-2018): Aaron Long, University of Kansas, US

Canada Regional VP (2016-2019): Heather Smith, University of Northern British Columbia, Canada

Asia Pacific Regional VP (2016-2019): Kelly Matthews, University of Queensland, Australia

Europe Regional VP (2016-2019): Idoia Fernandez, University of the Basque Country

US Regional VP (2016-2019): Lauren Scharff, U.S. Air Force Academy, US

US Regional VP (2016-2018): Jessie L. Moore, Elon University, US


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