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Working with the Media

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Press Contacts

This table of press contacts includes contacts at newspapers, education media outlets, magazines, television, radio and wires/syndicates.

Communication Guides

American Sociological Association: Communication Tools and Tips 

Would you like to see the latest findings from your departments, research groups, and sections receive news coverage? Maybe there is an issue in your community that you care about and you would like to write a letter to the editor in response. How do you reach the newspapers and other media in your community? The quick links on this page can help you create positive messages and engage reporters. 

The Chronicle of Higher Education: "5 Lessons on Writing for the Public"

This article written by Anne Trubek, the founder and publisher of The Thinking Writer and Belt Magazine, gives academics who have been trained to write in professional jargon for their peers tips on how to write for a variety of public audiences. In it, she gives advice on how to research, approach, and write for mainstream publications. 

The OpEd Project

The OpEd Project's mission is to increase the range of voices and quality of ideas we hear in the world. Working with top universities, foundations, think tanks, nonprofits, corporations and community organizations, this group scouts and trains under-represented experts to take thought leadership positions in their fields; they connect these new experts with their national network of high-level media mentors; and hey vet and channel the best new experts and ideas directly to media gatekeepers who need them, across all platforms. The OpEd Project is an Echoing Green Project.



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